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SBA is the ideal platform to explore new ideas, outline opportunities, network with leaders, and gain insights to propel your business.

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Leverage the limitless potential of our events where prominent movers and shakers of the Scarborough business community all come under one roof.

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Personalized attention and mentorship, innovative problem-solving, customized business assistance, and more - exclusively available to members.

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Vision. Leadership. Infinite Possibilities.

Welcome to Scarborough Business Association (SBA). Where you can tap into rich business opportunities, build connections with like-minded professionals, develop your leadership skills, maximize impact and initiate transformation in business and in the community.

"We are intensely focused on helping Scarborough business, employees, and future entrepreneurs by driving prosperity, creating forums for networking, providing education and opportunity. We recognize Scarborough's strengths of location, skilled labour and diversity. Strong business benefits the entire community."

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Enrich your professional circle with valuable networking opportunities and new partnerships.


Accelerate growth with our suite of valuable resources, timely information and unmatched peer support.


Maximize influence with powerful exposure through advertising and marketing, business recognition and events’ participation


Build credibility with SBA as your collective on public policy and economic development decisions at all levels of government.

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Three jobs for students in 2025

We provide high-level networking opportunities and actively help our members to develop new partnerships.

Three jobs for students in 2021

We provide high-level networking opportunities and actively help our members to develop new partnerships.

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